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Brief overview of what I did on 5/18/16
  1. Woke up
    My day started painful. My legs, abs, and shoulders where fatigue from 12 hours of tennis divided among the past two days.
  2. Graduation rehearsal
    The venue was 18 minutes away from my house and I planed accordingly.
  3. Finding my seat
    Coming in I assumed I was sitting with my familiar friend because our last names both started with GAL but things weren't organized that way. I was assigned a seat next to Renee. Geez, should I be grateful to God or something. Thinking about it, it's odd how we both ended up sitting at the same prom table and next to each other at graduation. This becomes the hardest part of my mentality about taking to girls like her.
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Because of my recent graduation of high school I've decided to create this list of crushes. This list is composed of girls from both high schools I've attended (Kansas and Illinois). Each person is provided with a only a first name (to protect their anonymity), picture, and a description on how they became a "crush".
  1. Alicia
    We were both coming out of some type of relationship with another person and we were in the same lunch. She was seeking for someone better while I just wanted to wallow in my own misery. I knew she had interest in me but at the time I couldn't think of anyone expect my ex. Winter past and my feelings faded and I was fine. Alicia's feelings for me also faded but I was seeing seeing her in a new light. We ended up becoming acquaintance seeing each other in the halls sometimes saying hi.
  2. Chase
    I first met Chase in middle school. Chase painted my profile for my perfect girl. My world was small back then and I couldn't believe a girl could looked like her. I remember a time in class when another boy made her cry and I was jealous. I wished she had feeling for me even if it was feelings of dislike and resentment. I could never pursue anything with Chase I always felt that she belonged to better men. If I could describe her life from a outside perspective I would say it's like a movie.
  3. Renee
    We were in the same class with the coolest teacher, that same teacher was also one of my coaches. Whenever I did well I'd always try to get him to reiterate to the class on how well I did to impress 2 girls in class. Renee was one of them. Renee sat behind on the right and I always felt that she was staring at me but I put it off thinking she was staring at the clock. On one of the school dances she said hello and my name, it caused my imagination to run thinking it was a sign.
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