We are currently exhibiting an art show with paintings, prints and sculptures, influenced by the painfully underrated comedy, Clue. If you've never seen it - it's currently on Netflix and glorious. You can see the whole art show here - www.nineteeneightyeight.com/collections/clue
  1. NC Winters "Not Just a Game Anymore" - http://bit.ly/1LU6VkL
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  2. 100% Soft "Clue" -http://bit.ly/1galMNO
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  3. Matthew Skiff "Life Could be a Dream" - http://bit.ly/1NuDW8e
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  4. Anthony Petrie "Clueprints" - http://bit.ly/1LCk2sX
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  5. Nicole Gustafsson "The Mansion" - http://bit.ly/1T4Nc69
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  6. Sam Gilbey "One Plus Two Plus One" - http://bit.ly/1eZVqOs
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  7. Steven Dessler "Singing Telegram" - http://bit.ly/1LU6TJE
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  8. Kelly McKernan "Mrs. Blanche White" - http://bit.ly/1galOVX
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  9. Kiersten Essenpreis "One Plus Two Plus One Plus One" - http://bit.ly/1NuDUgy
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  10. Jeff Delgado "The Usual Suspects" series - http://bit.ly/1T4NdH8
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