No specific order. Let's hear your picks!
  1. Gran Turismo 4
    Metacritic: 89 Why I love it: Gran Turismo was the pinnacle of racing games, for a time, and that culminated in GT4. It took the wonderful gameplay from the past entries, while adding an insane amount of cars, great soundtrack, and superb graphics. Oh, and the sound effects are some of the best ever put into any game.
  2. God of War
    Metacritic: 94 Why I love it: What isn't to love about this game? It is borderline perfect. Extremely violent, with an awesome (awful?) protaganist coupled with spectacular environments, enemies, and an epic story. The best revenge plot ever told: "I'm so angry I could kill a god." Art design just killed it. So fucking good.
  3. Ico
    Metacritic: 90 Why I love it: I played this later than I did Shadow of the Colossus, but it's brilliance wasn't lost on me. This game inspires you to care and save someone you can't even speak to... with a stick. Compassion and bravery at it's best.
  4. Bully
    Metacritic: 87 Why I love it: Rockstar proved that they could evolve their GTA formula. It doesn't have to be M-rated and have guns. It just needs great characters and gameplay. Mission accomplished.
  5. Tekken Tag Tournament
    Metacritic: 85 Why I love it: The launch title that made me fall in love with the PS2. The tag element combined with the gorgeous "new" graphics made this game great. Great opening for the PS2's dominance.
  6. Okami
    Metacritic: 93 Why I love it: Asian themed Zelda with funny characters, wonderful music, and simply brilliant visuals. It's like playing a moving painting.
  7. Twisted Metal Black
    Metacritic: 91 Why I love it: The M-rated car combat game we always deserved. The main character was a serial killer, and this game delivers on the rating. Some of the cinematics still haunt me.
  8. War of the Monsters
    Metacritic: 80 Why I love it: Cult classic, 50's style giant monster fighting. It's got imperfect controls, but it's got a truly high fun factor. Impale a monster with a radio tower and watch them squirm. We need a new one. Get on it Sony!
  9. Shadow of the Colossus
    Metacritic: 91 Why I love it: This is legitimately my favorite PS2 game. If you ever question that a video game can be "art" then play this and stop questioning. Besides the actual design of the game, it brings up morality, questioning your own actions, dealing with loss, and how far would you go for love. All of this is done with almost no dialogue and only boss fights. Subtlety at it's very finest.
  10. Honorable Mentions
    Final Fantasy X (92), Frequency (83), Odin Sphere (83), Zone of the Enders 2 (82), Sly Cooper (86)