We love the getting ready portion of the wedding day. The air is filled with an anxious energy and hairspray, and that combo just gets us amped!! We know stress levels can run high and you don’t want that to rule your wedding day memories (or photos). Here is our top 10 list of tips (in no particular order) that can help you help us.
  1. Reduce the Clutter
    You have your champagne, all your girls, and professional hair & makeup on hand. Ahhhh #thegoodlife. Now enters your charming GP wedding photographers 😉 and what we see are Vera Bradley bags busting at the seams, random clothes thrown about and half eaten plates of food. Exactly the thing you want to remember right? Wrong. Prepare ahead of time by having extra trash cans and a place for stuff to accumulate, like a spare bedroom.
  2. Get a Good Night's Sleep
    I mean like really really good. Like you've been climbing a mountain while solving a soduku puzzle, oh dear Lord I'm exhausted type of a good nights sleep. You're probably going to be more like an 8 year old on Christmas Eve, but you know you'll look better after some serious Z's. Use your lavender pillow mist, black out your windows, set your noise maker app to play the soothing rainforest thunderstorm sounds and conk out. Don't risk under eye bags.
  3. Plan Your Getting Ready Outfit
    Don't show up in your 1998 Spice Girls concert T and gym shorts if that's not what you want immortalized in your photos FOREVER. Matching outfits aren't your thing? No worries, just look put together. Chambray shirt and leggings are totally encouraged. And I never accept leggings as pants outside of this situation.
  4. Great Big Windows
    Listen, big windows mean great light without mixing color temperatures. Before I learned photography, color temperatures were that thing I kinda forgot from astronomy class in college. But any girl who has done their makeup to perfection at home, and gotten to work to realize they look like a jersey shore member has been effected by color temps. Daylight is best, and big windows are key. Trust us your makeup artist will thank you.
  5. Wide Open Spaces
    I'd like to first apologize for putting the Dixie Chicks song in your head. If we move on quickly, maybe you'll forget it? Ok let's not pack 15 bridesmaids into a "bridal suite" that's smaller than a Starbucks parking lot (amiright?!) If you're not crowded, you won't look crowded. Less stress for everyone.
  6. Pad Your Timeline
    Listen, no matter how well you plan it, things will not go 100% as planned on your wedding day. Something is likely going to run late. Prepare for this by scheduling everything at one and a half to two times as long as they take on a normal day. Don't stress out, stress isn't pretty.
  7. Posture
    I'm the first to admit I have horrible posture, just ask Ryan to show you how I ride a bike. He’ll tell you I somehow end up with my shoulders above my ears. I don’t know how it happens. It’s not pretty and it hurts like hell after the fact. Avoid any Quasimodo moments by being conscious of your posture. This is true whether you are sitting or standing. Head over heart, heart over pelvis is the best way to keep this in mind. #yoga
  8. Have The Details
    We like to photograph all of the details while the hair and makeup are getting done. This is because these things take a long time and are slow moving. We can easily dip out of the room for 10-15 minutes to photograph the wedding dress without missing a thing. Help us be as efficient as possible by having all of the things you want photographed together at the beginning of the day. Rings, shoes, veil, garter... you name it, we'll photograph it.
  9. Think Happy Thoughts
    Giphy downsized medium
    Do you suffer from RBF? Resting Bitch Face is a serious ailment and without immediate efforts, it's going to impact your wedding day. Luckily there is a remedy and its side effect free! Just think some happy thoughts, like that adorable puppy gently tumbling down the stairs. Channel your inner Mona Lisa and banish RBF for good #ByeByeRBF
  10. Be Yourself
    Screw everyone else, don't let them get to you. That absolutely includes us. Don't listen to anything I've said if it clashes with you doing your thing! You're going to love your photos the most if they look and feel like you. Dance to Beyoncé, cry when your mom starts crying, and be in the moment. The day goes by so freaking fast, just don't stress anything, at the end of the day, you're still going to be married to the one your heart loves more than words.