Time for the biannual Potterthon
  1. That time he wore a sling during prisoner of Azkaban. It looked like a pashmina and the nurse could have healed him in 2 seconds. Just being a dick to Hagrid.
  2. When he showed up at Hogwarts w/ his hair like this. Lay off the gel-that's a Slytherdon't
  3. That time he got all emo about that bird
  4. When he showed up w/ his hair like this. WTF Malfoy. You were chosen to kill Dumbledore, not fashion
  5. When Voldi reached out to him by giving him a hug and he just stood there and didn't hug him back. Way to leave the greatest dark wizard of all time hanging.
  6. Dude his dad is the Donald Trump of the wizard world. No wonder he calls people Mudblood.
  7. He got bitchslapped by Hermione and then he cried.