Ways In Which I Have Envisioned Meeting @mindy Kaling Today In Los Angeles

  1. At my Sony Pictures Tour
    "Oh my gosh, I love your Chicago flag tank top! Chicago is so great are you from there? I'm just here for a pitch meeting to remake From Here To Eternity with me and Chris Pratt."
  2. At my ABC Tour
    "How do you get your hair to do that!?" "Oh uh two bobby pins and I don't wash it that often." "SO glamorous. I'm here turning Why Not Me? into a movie starring myself because it's absurd to cast other actresses as me. #neverforget"
  3. On the Walk of Fame
    "OMG are you playing PokemonGO? I have like a Squirtle and a rock and I cannot catch more but @bjnovak really likes it."
  4. On My Friend's Roof
    "Someone called and said a sick kid is here whose dying wish is to meet me? Oh, you're just an unemployed 25-year-old white girl on a soul searching road trip? That's...um...yeah I'm gonna leave."
  5. She Reads This List
    Or BJ texts it to her. And she thinks I'm super funny and cool and we become best friends.