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I've been really into the word dope lately.
  1. My bro and I looking for a dope Christmas tree.
  2. Being 21 is new and dope.
  3. My friend Jeanette is a dope lil photographer.
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things @Ana_L and i have done together
  1. Went camping with a campus cafeteria worker
  2. Went swimming in an indoor hotel pool in the middle of the day at a hotel we were not staying at
  3. Tried to sell our underwear online
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  1. Cheese sandwich
  2. Three dates, wrapped in tinfoil
  3. Full container of hummus
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  1. Mildew
  2. Prune
  3. Turtle
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  1. January--rang in the new year visiting my brother in Tanzania. My first solo international trip.
  2. February--went to Waffle House with my friend Natalie on Valentine's Day. Natalie tried to order a salad which I think might be the saddest thing you can do while spending Valentine's Day at Waffle House.
  3. March--went on a service trip to New Orleans. Highlights include screwing in a lot of lightbulbs, witnessing our campus pastor crawl down the hostel hallway, and going bowling.
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    Love Actually
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    The Grinch
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    Christmas with the Kranks
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    The Holiday