1. January--rang in the new year visiting my brother in Tanzania. My first solo international trip.
  2. February--went to Waffle House with my friend Natalie on Valentine's Day. Natalie tried to order a salad which I think might be the saddest thing you can do while spending Valentine's Day at Waffle House.
  3. March--went on a service trip to New Orleans. Highlights include screwing in a lot of lightbulbs, witnessing our campus pastor crawl down the hostel hallway, and going bowling.
  4. April--presented at my first research conference. It was dope.
  5. May--went camping at Big Bend National Park! Put it on your bucket list right now.
  6. June--marched in the Pride Parade with my dad and our flamboyant dog and our Lutheran church. I love being Lutheran a lot.
  7. July--went to Greece with some people that I like.
  8. August--my camp friend Emily came to visit and we had the best time in Seattle and I tried to set her up with this one dude and it didn't work at all.
  9. September--I'd been crying for like two days straight when this picture was taken. Anyway, I went to Mexico but I was very, very scared to go.
  10. October--I got to spend 24/7 with these PABs in the Mexican wilderness. (This was actually taken when we were too drunk at the airport in November but I think it sums up October well.)
  11. November--spent Turkey Day at Avery farm with my cousin Avery.
  12. December--lotsa time at home and cruisin' around Olympia. Here's a pic of my weirdo brothers.