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  1. Should I turn my writing to songs?
  2. Would singing lessons actually help the cause?
  3. I should pick up the uke again
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  1. And we pronounce it the same
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Titled "My Invite Got Lost in the Mail"
  1. If you're Spanish, why are you white?
  2. The Avril Years
  3. The time I had a physics teacher who thought viruses were extra terrestrials and global warming was a lie
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  1. Hit a lady with a pair of socks that I threw across a department store
  2. Stood up an sang to moulin rouge at my freshmen Dorm movie night (while the movie was on)
  3. Drank a little too much and rapped gold digger on top of a bar
  4. Ran up to someone I thought was my dad to hug them only to learn it was a stranger