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I tend to use favoriting (or whatever the hell Twitter calls it now) to bookmark interesting links or just to remind myself of pithy 140-character wisdom that passes through the ether. A favorited tweet is not necessarily an endorsement, but I do love the stuff shared here.
  1. “You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” (Timber Hawkeye)
  2. “Your kids... They don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” (Jim Henson)
  3. Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses. (German Proverb)
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  1. Disinfectant.
  2. Fresh polyester blends.
  3. Cashiers who reek of tobacco from frequent smoke breaks because few people are checking out.
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Okay, most of them are almost done, and I just need two or three hours at some point this weekend to wrap them up. But I should have known better than take them on.
  1. Stick hot pokers in my eyes.
    Okay, maybe not that.
  2. Sleep-forget the most stressful week of my career.
    And after almost 30 years in the news industry — which I left six years ago — that's saying something.
  3. Flip between two hometown baseball games on the TV. All weekend long.
    Say what you will about Chicago, but at least it's a great sports market.
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I grounded her the other day — I can't even remember why right now, even though she's generally a good kid and that kind of thing is kinda rare at our house. But our 8-year-old decided to pack a pillowcase one afternoon and go find "nicer parents." Here's what she opted to take with her before she eventually calmed down and changed her mind.
  1. Her small carry-on overnight bag of Shopkins.
    We've lost count of how many she has. Has to be scores — maybe 150 or something. That's a crapload of tiny little plastic anthropomorphic groceries.
  2. A dozen souvenir pennies from our recent trip to California.
  3. A stuffed baby cheetah.
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We made our annual pilgrimage today to the Chicagoland Highland Games in Itasca, Illinois. I wish I had been able to have a nice pasty or curried fries — and I'm not adventurous enough to give haggis a go — but a Belhaven Pilsner and three Irn-Bru sodas kept me relatively full.
  1. Scotland's other official drink.
    Remember St. Joseph's children's aspirin? This is like a fizzy, extra-sugary version of that. And yes, I had three. I don't usually drink sugared soda, but I make an exception every year for this stuff.
  2. Scotch eggs!
    The husband sampled whisky for breakfast at the festival. I settled for these beauties.
  3. What I didn't dare try.
    I once walked past a food booth that was making haggis. I vowed never to try it after that. Sheep's stomach filled with organ meats pretty much smells as one might expect it to smell.
I love bacon, but the obsession at my hometown county fair got a little out of hand. (But I can be slightly more forgiving of "deep-fried [fill in the blank].")
I grew up tagging along with my family to small Filipino grocery stores and giant Chinese-, Japanese-, and Vietnamese-run supermarkets. I still love popping in for visits. Sometimes, I actually but a thing or two. But mostly, I take surreptitious photos to share.
  1. I really need to get Facebook off the damn phone and get back to feeding my cows on Township.
  2. Do I know you?
  3. You annoyed me in elementary school and called me a fat cow in fourth grade. Tell me again why I should accept your friend request.
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I have always considered myself a dog person. Chihuahuas, I have long concluded, are not real dogs.
  1. The seventh circle of hell is guarded by a thousand Chihuahuas.
  2. How many volts does it take to quiet a Chihuahua? Not kill it, just quiet it down.
  3. Chihuahua meat probably is chewy and gamely, like incredibly tiny pieces of venison jerky.
  4. How far into the suburbs do hawks and falcons fly? And are they hungry?