We made our annual pilgrimage today to the Chicagoland Highland Games in Itasca, Illinois. I wish I had been able to have a nice pasty or curried fries — and I'm not adventurous enough to give haggis a go — but a Belhaven Pilsner and three Irn-Bru sodas kept me relatively full.
  1. Scotland's other official drink.
    Remember St. Joseph's children's aspirin? This is like a fizzy, extra-sugary version of that. And yes, I had three. I don't usually drink sugared soda, but I make an exception every year for this stuff.
  2. Scotch eggs!
    The husband sampled whisky for breakfast at the festival. I settled for these beauties.
  3. What I didn't dare try.
    I once walked past a food booth that was making haggis. I vowed never to try it after that. Sheep's stomach filled with organ meats pretty much smells as one might expect it to smell.