I work full time, parent solo on the weekends when the stay-at-home dad works nights or occasionally runs off to fish or bike, get little sleep as I sleep with a chronic snorer, and live with a sometimes high-maintenance 8-year-old. The spouse tries to get me to take care of myself, and he thinks nothing of taking care of himself. So, here goes.
  1. Sleep in the home office sometimes.
    Waking up at least twice a night to a human buzzsaw wears on you after a while.
  2. Buy a reclining lawn chair and bring a book to the backyard.
  3. If the husband is actually home on one of my days off, go away.
    Bring a book and a notebook. Run an errand or two that doesn't involve buying something for anybody else, but don't spend your entire time alone in retail therapy.
  4. Put the damn phone away for a couple of hours.
    I hate it when I discover I've spent two hits on social media or my Township game.
  5. Two words: play date.
  6. Meditate and/or pray.
    Find a space where you can hole up, crawl inside your head and shut up. Sometimes, prayer involved listening, too, or being still and knowing God is God.
  7. Just. Take. Care. Of. Your. Self.
    Nobody else will do it for you, no matter how much the people around you say they will.