I wore the following costumes at the following times throughout my life. I'll update these as I remember them.
  1. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Age 15, Halloween Party
  2. Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Age 16, Halloween Party
  3. Peter Parker
    Age 21 & 23, Halloween
  4. Spider-Man
    Age 21 & 23, for Halloween
  5. The Joker
    Age 19, Halloween
  6. Darth Vader
    Various ages, for dress-up
  7. Agent K (from Men in Black)
    Age 8, for Halloween
  8. Tommy Chong
    Age 17, for a day of high school. My buddy Mike was Cheech Marin.
  9. The Green Ranger
    Age 5, Halloween
  10. An old man in a wheelchair.
    Age 17, Some random dress-up day in school. I had an old man voice and everything. I didn't let the bit die at all. Not once.
  11. Two-Face
    Age 7, Halloween
  12. A blonde girl cheerleader
    Age 18, for something in high school relating to an English class.
  13. Michael Myers
    Age 16, Halloween Party
  14. The Wolfman
    Age 10, Halloween
  15. A werewolf
    Age 11, a harder-core Halloween
  16. The Midnight Train costume
    Age 26, for my web series, so other people could figure out how the cape would sit.
  17. A cowboy
    Age 4, for the second most embarassing childhood photograph. Then later in a boys choir, which may not be any less embarrassing.
  18. Scorpion (Spider-Man belt)
    various ages while playing pretend. My karate belt was my tail.
  19. Alice Cooper
    Age 17, for a day of high school. Why did I dress up so much?
  20. The Phantom of the Opera
    Age 18, Halloween.
  21. A zombie
    Age 21, in my friend's movie about college zombies.
  22. A convenience store clerk
    Age 22, in a film I made. The scene was cut.
  23. George McFly
    Age 20, for my friend's short film
  24. A goth punk rocker
    Age 18, for background in a movie
  25. Backstreet Boy
    Age 13, various occasions, boys choir
  26. A Beatle
    Age 13, various occasions, boys choir
  27. A member of the Jackson 5
    Age 13, various occasions, boys choir
  28. A seahorse
    Age 24, tried on this costume at a Halloween Party
  29. Doc Brown
    Age 25, for my friend's web series
  30. A Sugar Skull
    Age 25, Halloween
  31. The Novel
    Age 25, in a couple's costume where the other half was Death. Get it?
  32. A generic vampire
    various ages, because who hasn't?