Waaaaaay more wedding/relationship oriented than I originally anticipated when I started drafting this list almost a month ago.
  1. JAN: Realized that last year, when asked, I had said "eh, I'll probably propose next year." It was now "next year." Cue Dramatic Chipmunk.
  2. FEB: Not much happened.
  3. MAR: @dctolli and I visited may parents in Idaho.
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  4. APR: One year anniversary of working at MTV.
  5. MAY: Proposed to @dctolli. He said yes. Went to Hawaii.
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  6. JUN: FINALLY bought the chair I had been coveting for six years.
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  7. JUL: New York engagement party.
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  8. AUG: High school best friend's wedding!
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  9. SEP: Engagement photos!
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  10. OCT: NY trip for @Grosstastic and @dev's wedding party.
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  11. NOV: @dctolli was assigned his first episode of television #proud
  12. DEC: Joined a book club. 5 year anniversary with @dctolli.