Twice a year I go down to tell a bunch of 18 - 22 year olds stuff about working in TV. I like to think this makes me fancy (even though it doesn't really).
  1. The car service they send to get me there and back.
    From a functional perspective, I miss New York chiefly for its public transit -- the lost "doing time" I spend commuting is. the. worst. So, I love that I get to spend roughly two hours each time I go down to Orange catching up on reading or TV on my iPad. Right now I'm making this list and watching The Walking Dead. I'll be done with this season by the time I get home tonight.
  2. Making it seem like a career in the business is within arms reach.
    I got some great pre-graduation advice from people who knew what they were talking about and I actually enjoy paying it forward.
  3. Crushing dreams.
    Some of these kids are so entitled about their future that I can't help but experience a little schadenfreude when I break it to them that they'll have to work hard to get what they want.
  4. Being able to say I guest lecture at Chapman.
    Speaks for itself.