And this year I even had open-bar wristbands.
  1. I didn't want to buy a new outfit.
    I don't shop well under pressure. And then I spend way too much $$$.
  2. When I did so the only confirmed musical performance was Fall Out Boy and, like, who cares?
    I said as much to one of our execs who was complaining about having to go and he brightened and said, "Oh, I like Fall Out Boy." Yikes.
  3. At the time, I didn't know Tinashe was gonna be performing.
    Still wouldn't have changed my mind, but it did give me a little pause.
  4. @mandi's ListApp meetup thing.
  5. @alexandrafiber isn't in town to come with this year.
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    "Welcome to Swingers, I'm Alex, I'll be your server tonight."
  6. Game of Thrones is on tonight. DUH.
    But I'm sure everyone will be watching the Movie Awards instead and we'll totally beat GoT in the ratings because this was obviously a genius Sun Tzu programming move, right?