1. This photo.
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    Like, IMMEDIATELY after.
  2. Took the week off just because I could.
    MTV can handle itself for a minute.
  3. Hung out with my parents a lil'.
    This involved helping them clean out their rental car after a case of beer fell and burst when they were driving leftover booze over to our place, watching most of CitizenFour and then having a discussion about it (my mother: "well, I don't have anything to hide, so..."), and going out to eat.
  4. Ate a bunch
    Roscoe's, Jon & Vinny's (THAT BOLAGNESE THO), Sweet Rose, pizza (on four separate occasions), gelato, that Cajun place at the Farmer's Market, soft serve w chocolate shell dip, and wedding leftovers (AOC/Lucques, whut whut).
  5. Took a trip to The Last Bookstore.
    Only spent $8; a record low.
  6. Saw Mad Max for a second time.
  7. Opened wedding presents; decided what to keep.
    Spoiler alert: basically all of it.
  8. Spent the night at @Grosstastic and @dev's in Topanga.
    Cards, candy and good company.
  9. Went to an engagement party.
    Was treated like an old pro, could get used to this.
  10. Opened joint checking and savings.
    Thanks to a Suze Orman segment I caught when I was in high school I have been prepared for this step for well over a decade.
  11. Threw a low-key game night for neighborhood friends.
    Some cards, some WiiU, some Prime Pizza.
  12. Read this month's book club selection (How To Be Both by Ali Smith - I picked!)
    All ready to discuss with @mandi @magdalenam and @jonathon tonight!
  13. Finished Grace & Frankie and Outlander
    I have a lot of feelings.
  14. Hung out with @dctolli
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    Legally bound to him now; there's no escape.