Ngl, we are winning this game. 💁💅
  1. "Beautiful invitations!"
  2. "OMG your wedding invitation 😍😍"
  3. "This invitation is beautiful. Nice work, guys. So lovely!"
  4. "I love your invitations! They are the cutest 😘"
  5. "Very classy, guys."
  6. "Just got your wedding invitation. Absolutely the best one I have ever received."
  7. "Well now I see what kind of wedding we're for, being that the invitations cost $3 apiece just to MAIL..."
  8. "I've never seen a non-Indian person with an invite this ornate."
  9. "We got ur invitation yesterday and just LOVE and treasure it! So special and adorbs. I brought it to my weekly mtg of VP assistants, all women over 40 (incl me) and we were all just swooning. Nice jobber :) #tolligreerulittledears"
    This friend is actually a 30yo man.
  10. "Your invitation is Grace's new favorite book!"
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