As requested by @carlyewisel. [Redacted deets, natch]
  1. The cover!
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    Yes, it's a cloth-bound hardcover book. BECAUSE WHY NOT.
  2. #44 by Vera Pavlova
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    From Pavlova's "If There Is Something To Desire" The journey will be long. Let us lie down, old friend. First loves come by the dozen, the last love is but one. May the summer last as a prison term of farewell delights, caresses on the doorstep.
  3. Pretty pictures!
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  4. An anecdote I wrote about my second date with @dctolli
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  5. An anecdote @dctolli wrote about our post-engagement Hawaiian vacation last year.
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  6. Wedding details!
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  7. Directions!
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  8. RSVP/Registry Info!
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  9. Another picture!
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  10. Fin.
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    I think we did alright with these.