1. I'm not very good at parallel parking. Or any kind of parking.
    Diagonal parking: not terrible.
  2. Speaking of parking: that ticket that comes out of the machine has to be validated to get the "free parking" promised on the sign.
    I just paid ten bucks for an iced coffee. Lesson learned.
  3. Uber drivers LOVE to chat.
    In NYC that plastic petition isn't just for your driver's protection--it's also for yours.
  4. Whole Foods is totally different.
    A made to order breakfast sandwich station?! A build your own burrito bar?! What is this magic???
  5. Poland Spring water doesn't seem to be a thing.
    Two stores, no luck. Arrowhead it is.
  6. Everyone tries to get you to move here.
    "You'd love LA." "Yes, the weather IS always this great."
  7. My name is Todd. I am moving to LA.
    Suggested by @leahmw