Thoughts on Today's Travels

  1. Laguardia Airport is like a bus station for planes.
    It's basically the Port Authority of aviation, only more unpleasant.
  2. Wheelchairs are the way to go.
    Even if you don't need a wheelchair at home, make sure you get one at the airport--someone will push you to your gate and you get to board early with first class and infants.
  3. "Vacant" on the bathroom door might be a lie.
    I walked in on a woman who has apparently never heard of locks. The flight attendant told me not to worry, "it happens all the time."
  4. They take local dignitaries very seriously.
    Their families must be so proud.
  5. This airport is an amazing 80's mall.
    There's even a restaurant called Nick's Tomato Pie. Who's Nick? What's a tomato pie?