As of the third episode so sorry Sasha Belle, Jasmine Masters, and Tempest DuJour but you're already out
  1. Max
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    Serving old Hollywood realness with legs for daaaays & her genuine personality makes her easy to root for.
  2. Violet Chachki
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    This bitch is INTO herself when no one else is. Her looks have been on point so far (that tartan dress!) but her attitude alienates the other queens. Love watching her get picked last for teams.
  3. Ginger Minj
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    I have a soft spot for funny southern meatball divas. She has the experience and knowledge to go all the way & that cancer story was heart warming.
  4. Pearl
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    Ugh I think he's so cute out of drag and he's unapologetically stupid. Makes for a fun combo to watch!
  5. Katya
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    "I'm just your average run-of-the-mill russian bisexual transvestite hooker" Soviet Union Katya is my favorite but she hasn't been giving us enough Russian realness since the first episode.
  6. Miss Fame
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    One of the several young white and fishy queens this season giving body-ody-ody but not as good as the others.
  7. Trixie Mattel
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    Funny enough but only middle-ground for me. Great look on the beard challenge but waiting for more.
  8. Kennedy Davenport
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    A hilarious hater out of drag but not too impressed with Kennedy's looks so far. Ain't nothing to write home about.
  9. Kandy Ho'
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    Stank attitude and doesn't even know how to sew. She can twerk tho!
  10. Jaidynn Diore Fierce
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    If she's so fierce why is she crying already?
  11. Mrs. Kasha Davis
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    Brings absolutely nothing new to the table and totally forgettable.