Can we get her on listapp?
  1. "She's a Bitch"
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    ALL OF THIS VIDEO IS 🔥🔥🔥 Hype Williams had experts flown in from Germany to construct the set with Electro Luminescent lighting. The dark and stormy video might be a precursor to healthgoth? Too many bomb ass moments to choose from!
  2. "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
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    The busted-down inflated trash bag, goggles, and helmet look was referenced in Broad City not too long ago. Also a Hype video, Missy is giving iconic cyborg in a fisheye lens.
  3. "Oops (Oh My)"
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    Missy is feeling herself on this bangin' Tweet track widely believed to be about female masturbation. Her sexy throne coolness starts to melt the CGI ice mansion!!
  4. "Sock It 2 Me"
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    Between the Mega Man reference and the cheesy intergalactic visuals, Missy understood the Internet aesthetic before the Internet even got to it. Another Hype vid too!
  5. "One Minute Man"
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    The best way to musicalize premature ejaculation is with a bucket hat, chain, and hoops. The Ludacris and Trina parts are serving Salvador Dali surrealism with sex sounds!