the variety of awful men i'd throw myself at if given the chance. beware the Combo Men
  1. grungy 80s boy
    he may or may not have dirt and oil stains on his cheeks. wears a lot of ripped tanks and has that Classic 80s Short Cut. probably plays in a band
  2. slacker musician
    he's got a lot of creative blocks. i'm one of the few ppl who believes in his abilities. he takes his anger at his own failures out on me but it's okay bc he writes me beautiful songs later
  3. asshole genius
    he's so smart but he'd never admit it bc he's too busy wasting his genius on figuring out ways to make other people's lives harder. he hates me because i'm so earnest and idealistic.
  4. insecure and has a reason to be
    this one isn't really all that good at anything besides loving me and he knows it
  5. kind older man
    this man has his shit figured out. he loves his wife, he knows how to be productive, and most importantly. he believes in me. he'd never go for me but still probably insist it was his fault if i ever inappropriately made a move
  6. angry boy
    he fights a lot. punches things. he believes it's the only thing he's good at. he's certain he's not a good person. is he right?