1. Salvation was not created so god could see you as innocent, rather so you could see yourself as God sees you
  2. I need you here for me I need YOU here for ME well I'm not ok! And YOURE NOT OK!
  3. Drake and love and friendship Career Cards on music Cards in the book Cards on acting Cards on modeling Cards on Hunter Cards on my health Madeleine chart
    Oh just a list of shit to talk about with my astrologer/tarot card reader
  4. Rain keeps on pushin us together And we're pushin back Lookin over our past Leaving all the mistakes and the pain and the things that makes us insane I forgave all the no's an maybes I can't let go of you I can't forget that night in June
  5. You've got everywhere else to go
  6. All people are made of monkey blood Who told u that? God. When God trusts you he trusts everyone bc God always says the truth
    A conversation with my daughter
  7. In limbo like an Unbaptized dead baby DONT sexualize me Maybe she should see a skinny body so she can hold it in her mind and manifest it into her physical reality Omg his dick is sooo ethnic
  8. Ball - parallel infinite possibilities Glass of water - "reincarnation parallel" Don't manifest -Step to the reality where it already exists The only commandment that will ever exist is "to love" A spirit guides us and gives their wise suggestions, but there are many paths to ultimate destination.
    Thought reminders acquired on hikes
  9. I hope you grow as bored of your story as others around you are.
  10. Ego speaks first and the loudest Morning discipline May my mind serve the light God will not save us from our thinking He will not violate our free will by breaking law of attraction Can't analyze fear away but replace it with a thought of love Brain wave to another place Enter heaven two by two Happiness is a decision What do I dooo?