Make a poster with these answers and stick it on the twins' stroller, it will save you lotsa time.

Because random people believe they can stop to ask you anything and everything if you are the parent of twins
  1. Yes, they are twins
  2. 1.98 kg and 2.10 kg, those were their weights at birth
  3. They are identical
  4. They are 10 months old
  5. Yes, they are breastfed
  6. They sleep through
  7. Luca and Tyler, that's their names
  8. They were premature
  9. Mom has gone back to work already
  10. Yes, we are constantly tired and would actually like to finish our shopping/meal/etc
  11. And my favorite - yes my wife's nipples are really sensitive and sore
    (I cant believe how total strangers often used to ask that question)