Requested by Dylan

Bad Dreams I Had as a Child

as requested by @dylrrr
  1. The world was smaller
    I used to have these recurring bad dreams where the Earth would somehow be smaller, like a third of its size. Because of that, there wasn't enough space for everyone on the Earth to stay here so I was given the task by someone important (President, Tom Hanks, etc.) to choose who we had to kick off the planet. And I remember it was terrible like I was on a stage with billions of people in the audience just screaming at me. I always woke up as I was going to speak in the microphone.
  2. I had no legs
    I was a fucked up kid, but I used to have night terrors where my legs were cut off. And because of that, the gates to some last safe civilization on Earth were locked and they wouldn't let me in because I was incomplete. Fucked up shit.
  3. I'm running away from the police
    These have been recurring dreams for forever even until now, like 2 weeks ago. But basically I kill someone and I'm running away from the police. The person I kill changes and the way I do it does as well, but the motive is always the same. For some reason they are incapacitated (emotionally, physically, etc.) and they ask me to kill them and like I do it for some reason.
  4. I have no pants in school
    This one isn't as gloomy, but I used to have the classic forgot to wear my pants dream when I was in middle and high school. No one would notice until I got up from my seat after being called to the principal's office