I love that my birthday list can always function as a New Years resolution list!
  1. Go to 3 places I've never been (cities, states, countries)
  2. Finish my novel draft
    This is a big one. 😳
  3. In addition, send out 1 poetry submission every month
    This involves writing new poems!
  4. Grow professionally
  5. Get a pressure cooker and learn to cook more home foods — sambar, rasam, chutney, dosa, etc.
  6. FLOSS
  7. Continue to develop my personal style
    In that vein, thrift more, make inspiration boards. Remember not to buy things that I don't absolutely love
  8. Learn one new skill
    Video editing, cross stitch, making sushi, idk
  9. Practice viewing challenges as adventures
    A never ending goal, really
  10. Send a card or package for every friend's birthday
  11. Start investing my money
  12. Always be reading
    YA/middle grade count, because a) duh but especially because of goal #2
  13. Call my grandma weekly
    Something I always do when I go home to my parents but rarely do as frequently when I'm by myself