For when it seems like all your friends have Barcelona stories but you. You have zero Barcelona stories.
  1. Remember that your parents, who are significantly older than you, haven't been to many more countries than you
    They deserve to travel way more than you!!
  2. Remember that the majority of Americans have never been abroad
  3. Remember all the places you *have* been
    You've been to London! And Montreal! And Puerto Rico! And so many lovely places in the United States! And you were born in India — people tend to exaggerate this one, going to India for me is basically like going to grandmas house anywhere, but it's still pretty damn cool
  4. Remember you are only 23
    There are like a gajillion more years to see the world
  5. Remember that you always appreciate things more when you earn them
    I could've gone on a wonderful Parisian vacation when I was 17 but would that be as special as going when I'm 24, spending money i earned, taking time off that I won't get back?
  6. Remember life is long and full of surprises and where there's a will there's a way
    Who knows! Maybe one day I'll move to Bali to work on a novel
  7. Remember to treat everyday life like an adventure, because it IS
    Especially when you live in New York City 🗽