1. White-haired Swiss grandmother who lives alone in the Alps and earns her living selling chocolates and toffees on Etsy
  2. Billy Crystal's character in When Harry Met Sally on New Years Eve
    "You got Dick Clark, that's tradition. You got Mallomars, the greatest cookies of all time."
  3. Hot yoga instructor
  4. Hogsmeade
  5. Fashion/lifestyle blogger with well-manicured nails, a Kitchenaid mixer, and a very, very boring husband
  6. Midwife caught in a blizzard, 17th century Connecticut
  7. Industrious elf
  8. The Sons of Liberty, dumping chests of tea into Boston Harbor in 1773
    Who else is listening to Hamilton and getting real into American history this holiday season?!
  9. Comparative literature professor, Tufts University