1. Went to the farmers market!
    I just watched Food Inc. so it was refreshing to see people buying local produce in February! Go North Carolinians!
  2. Watched The Martian and Bridge of Spies
    Oscars prep
  3. Bought plants for my moms house! Goal: two things that are really hard to kill
  4. Baked an apple pie
    Because why not?
  5. Watched a play about the Herero of Namibia but also race relations here and now
    It was so good, you guys. I love theater!
  6. Went to Med Deli and Yopo OMG
    Already nostalgic
  7. Helped our 9th grade neighbor plan the rest of her high school courses
    I <3 slightly nerdy, happy teens. Angst and drama are overrated aspects of the teenage experience IMO
  8. Went to bed by 11 Friday and Saturday