Things you learn in your early twenties

*if you don't do anything insane like devote your early 20s to the practice of yoga in a mountaintop studio in the Himalayas
  1. A job is a privilege, not a right
    Even if you're smart and went to a good school and are good at anything you do!
  2. Perspective is important. It might be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you have to do just to be a reasonable person with clean clothes and something to eat, but cooking and cleaning and laundry are things literally everyone not super rich has to handle.
    Have fun! Be efficient, hack it!
  3. Self appreciation is also important.
    This doesn't mean you need to treat yourself all the time, but people don't always stop and appreciate those moments you work hard and try your best so you should for yourself, whenever you can
  4. Those friends you've made over the years that are just straight up Good People? You would not make it through the days without them
  5. Saving money: it's not for squares!
  6. Your parents (hopefully) love when you call them, do it more!
    One day they'll die and you'll miss them every GD day
  7. A relationship status does not in any way reflect a persons worth/attractiveness/lovability
    So hard to understand that as a teen
  8. Work hard at the (maybe creative, maybe service, maybe professional) things you love
    I haven't had pay-off in this arena yet re: writing, but I want to and I work hard and I will
  9. It's supposed to be fun
    All of it
  10. Goodness > coolness
    By a factor of 1000000