Sorry mom and dad 😕
    Some immigrant families get really into doing it up big for their own cultural holidays as well as their adopted country's. Not my immigrant family! We do nothing for Christmas/thanksgiving/4th of July, and we hardly do anything for Indian holidays. Can't wait to be a tinsel obsessed themed outfit wearing freak mom!
  2. Decor
    Kinda related but not really. My parents don't really care about home decor so all my homes have been fairly sparse. I'm no minimalist and my kids will remember a house full of cool shit from my travels and purposeful decor shopping trips!
  3. Sleepovers
    I'll let my kids go to sleepovers! And not pick them up at 11 pm! Because that's totally fine and normal!
  4. The opposite sex
    You can have friends and maybe one day even lovers of the opposite sex, future children o' mine. Or the same sex, if that's your thing. Everything is ok in casa Gayatri 😉
  5. High academic standards
    I'm just kidding. If my kids don't get straight As and excel in intellectual extracurriculars they will face my wrath goddammit