Inspired by @ListPrompts. I'm still rocking an iPhone 4. In order for me to take a photo, I have to delete like 50. I don't take many for this reason.
  1. January
    I tried to will winter away with a very springy manicure and dress
  2. February
    Valentine's day photo shoot with my cousin's kid
  3. March
    Flowers blooming in my yard
  4. April
    I felt like this was worthy of saving to my phone
  5. May
    Weeds I pulled out of my yard and brought in my house
  6. June
    Lakeside dinner with my girl friends
  7. July
    Hanging out in a cave for our first wedding anniversary
  8. August
    A day trip to the Ohio state fair
  9. September
    Inappropriate pants for work
  10. October
    The pumpkin house. This isn't my photo, I took zero photos this month, but I did go to the pumpkin house.
  11. November
    The top half of my birthday outfit
  12. December
    We started renovating our kitchen