Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 12 and at sleep away summer camp for the first time
  2. He was 13 and had been been attending this camp for years
  3. His sister was the counselor in my dorm room
  4. We didn't hit it off
  5. A few years later he started going to my youth group at church
  6. We became friends
  7. He moved away for college
  8. We kept in touch
  9. He moved home for his master's degree
  10. We went out for ice cream to catch up
  11. A few months later we both volunteered at the camp that we met at as kids
    I never stopped going. As soon as I was too old to camp, I became a counselor, then a dean. I'm still the dean
  12. We flirted. A lot.
  13. He asked me out the day after camp ended.
  14. Now we are married.