1. Wake up sick to your stomach, convince yourself that staying in bed another 30 minutes will fix it.
    (It doesn't)
  2. To make up for lost time, skip your shower.
    So that you never really get that "awake and clean" feeling.
  3. Throw on whatever to wear and don't bother to brush your hair.
    Actually, this is me everyday.
  4. Open up your front door to below freezing temperatures.
  5. Shake for the first 10 minutes of your commute while you wait for your car to heat up.
  6. Get stuck behind a school bus that makes you even more late.
  7. Sneak in the back door of work, hoping that no one sees your utter lack of grooming.
  8. Run in to upper level management.
  9. Do your makeup at your desk using your phone's camera as a mirror.
  10. Only 13 more hours and I can go home.