Kicking off my camp lists! Here's what I learned about middle school aged kids last week.
  1. They just want to be heard
    My group is super is busy: Boy Scouts, athletic teams, summer camps, academics, etc. Sometimes they don't want activities, they just want to talk.
  2. They have great ideas!
    One of the best games that we played all week was requested by a camper. He hadn't been interested in doing much, so when he volunteered his idea we switched up our schedule to make it happen. It was a blast!
  3. They need guidelines
    We took prayer requests each day. They don't know what prayer requests are. We would get things like "please pray for my grandma who died before I was born". It's sweet, I'm sure they had a reason for it, but let's keep it current.
  4. They ask good questions
    More than once I was asked a question that I couldn't answer. They were kind enough to let me get back to them later.
  5. They are caring
    We play a lot of physically intense games, one of which involves teams fighting over semi truck tires and dragging them back to their base. The kids who got themselves in to painful positions would ask the other kids for a time out so they could switch positions. Everyone always agreed.
  6. They'll surprise you
    We always plan a big event on the last night. Last year we had a night swim and it was a totally flop. We decided to have a dance party this year I figured it would last a half hour before the kids got bored. They ended up dancing until 1 am when we told them to go to bed!