I'm all for living on the edge...
  1. Corn Maze
    Not a normal one at a real farm, but an unadvertised one we found in a neighboring county. This dude took us on a hay ride down the road, left us his cell number, and told us to call him when we were finished. We were the only people there and I'm surprised we are still alive.
  2. Geocaching at 2 AM
    Same people I was with for the corn maze. We went all over town looking for stuff. The next morning, I woke up to an email from an ex asking me why I was at every place we had gone to.
  3. Walking a Few Miles Home from a Concert
    Middle of the night, two super young girls walking home from downtown alone. We made it a mile before my sister had the sense to call for a ride. I woulda kept walking.
  4. Blind Date
    This is singular because it only took one time for me to realize it's a bad idea. We when out a few times and everything was fine. After we went our own ways, people started telling me stories about the last girl he dated and why he moved here. Too much crazy for me.
  5. Work Potlucks
    You just never know.
  6. List App Secret Santa
    Please, please, please let this turn out okay.