I've cried a lot today. Some good tears, some bad ones. I'm okay, I promise.
  1. I drove by my town's annual marathon
    Listening to the encouragement and watching the runner's faces really got to me. I've haven't ran a race in a few years, and even then, never a marathon, but races feel like home.
  2. I have the best husband in the entire world
    My cousin's kid stayed with us last night/today. He got up early to get us all breakfast and made sure the house was child safe. After she left, he spent the afternoon telling me how great of a mom I will be in the future
  3. My aunt died today
    She was older, but it was still unexpected. She was always full of life and sass. She raised her kids on her own. She was the true embodiment of a strong woman.
  4. I've gotten a lot of really nice texts today
    Granted, this was due to the previous item, but it's really nice that so many people knew my aunt and how great she was
  5. Life is tough and wonderful and worth it