We've only been together a few years, but she's the single most reliable part of my life and my one true best friend.
  1. She sees me at my worst
    Absolutely ugly crying over whatever is wrong in my life
  2. She sees me at my best
    Belting out show tunes at the top of lungs because everything is perfect and wonderful
  3. She knows what irritates me
    Slow drivers, people who don't use blinkers, pedestrians that literally walk out in front of cars, people who push strollers in the road instead of on the sidewalk
  4. She's never let me down
    She's never not started or broken down once (I know she will with age, but right now, she's gold)
  5. She hears my prayers
    I talk to God a lot out loud, she hears it all
  6. She doesn't break the bank
    40 miles to a gallon