Most of these have already been said, but here are my thoughts
  1. Emotional responses
    Music can make the worst days wonderful or can ruin a perfect day.
  2. Physical responses
    There are two songs that make my stomach turn before my brain registers why. I can't listen to any song of significance from my wedding without bawling.
  3. Summer time
    Summer is my favorite season and there is nothing better than having the windows downs in my car, blasting Tom Petty while on a road trip.
  4. Camaraderie
    There's is nothing cooler than 20,000 people tailgating before a show. Or making random friends while drinking. Or walking three miles to a venue because there is no parking. For one night, everyone is friends.
  5. Bonding
    So many of my relationships have been strengthened by music. The closer I am to you, the more likely I am to sing my heart out to you.
  6. Memories
    It's crazy to me how just a few bars of a song can take me to entirely different place in life.
  7. This was surprisingly hard. I have so many thoughts and feelings that I just can't articulate now.