(At the moment)
  1. Sip Of Sunshine IPA - Lawson's Finest Liquids
    I've heard nothing but incredible things about this beer, I see people on Instagram with fridges full of it & it kills me
  2. Jai Alai IPA - Cigar City Brewing
    Another IPA that gets universally rave reviews, and the worst thing is I think I seen it in a few London bars before I really got into beer. Will hopefully find it again.
  3. Mexican Cake - Westbrook Brewing
    Another one I've stumbled across only recently on social media, but looks & sounds like it would be right up my street.
  4. Heady Topper IPA - The Alchemist Brewery
    Okay so a predictable one, and it does seem like this beer is over-hyped but I'd still love to try it
  5. Double Negative - Grimm Artisanal Ales
    Love the artwork, which drew me in initially after seeing it on Untappd, and the more I've read about this beer the more I've fantasized about leaving my girlfriend to run away & be with it forever.
  6. Todd The Axe Man - Surly Brewing Company
    Another Brewer in Brooklyn, originally in collaboration with a Danish Brewer & with a UK hop.
  7. Seizoen Bretta - Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
    Saison/Farmhouse ales are an acquired taste...and I'm partial to indulge now & again. This beer gets incredible reviews online & appears to be pretty rare. *sigh*
  8. The Illinois - Goose Island
    Despite Goose Island beers being quite commonplace in UK bars, this particular Imperial IPA has managed to elude's the Harrison Ford to my Tommy Lee Jones. For now.
  9. Band Of Brothers S1E01 - Brasserie De La Senne
    Would be on my wishlist purely for the name, but gets pretty great reviews online. But come on, what a name for a beer.
  10. The Light That Spills Out Of The Hole In Your Head - Tired Hands Brewery
    This was the first beer I ever put on my Untappd wishlist. Putting aside the crazy name, this beer gets an 'outstanding' rating on Beer Advocate, and the reviews left there by drinkers make my mouth water...seems to be a sessionable, thirst-quenching IPA with incredible flavor & mouthfeel. I'd love to fill a growler with this.