One college student's lazy journey through avoidance and @list discovery.
  1. Write 5 pages on the founding of the studio system in the U.S.
  2. Reward myself with a Twitter break.
  3. See this app recommended by @zoe
  4. Download the app.
  5. Also download Be My Baby from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack because it's been stuck in my head all day.
  6. Make my @list profile.
  7. Explore and become enlightened.
  8. Make this list.
  9. Be weirded out that the app shortens my mention of Zoe Kazan to @zoe as if we are real time, hair braiding, high-five level friends.
  10. Shrug it off.
  11. Eat some blueberries.
  12. Go back to the paper.