I waited to get an Apple Watch until the apps caught up. Was unimpressed at first but getting a lot of use out of it
  1. Myheart app. This works much better than the built in workout app. It connects to heart monitor strap by blue tooth and has good sync with health app. 99 cents and no subscription fee Never Can Tell from Australia makes it
  2. Night sky app. Allows me to see constellations and planets and space station flyovers
  3. Tides app. Great at the beach to check tide times hi and low at my location
  4. OneNote from Microsoft allows lists to appear on watch screen
  5. Fantastical calendar app. Syncs with various calendars and visible as a complication on watch face
  6. Doppler radar. Pulls up a local weather map on watch face
  7. Msecure password app that allows 3 combinations or codes to be accessed on watch. Good for accessing lock codes easily. Secured with watch code
  8. American Airlines. Tracks plane tickets and makes barcode available
  9. TripAdvisor. Easy access to saved places
  10. Uber