At your local indie bookstore, duh.
  1. A God in Ruins, by Kate Atkinson
    Not a sequel but a "companion volume" to "Life After Life," this book centers on Ursula's brother Teddy. It abandons the earlier book's conceit of alternate lives, and takes you deep into one life that feels singular and inevitable.
  2. The Making of Zombie Wars, by Aleksander Hemon
    A raucous and sexy comedy about a pathetic aspiring screenwriter, with the Iraq war looming threateningly in the background.
  3. Burning Down George Orwell's House, by Andrew Ervin
    A soul-weary copywriter decides to recharge his batteries by renting the remote Scottish cottage where Orwell wrote "1984," only to become entangled in local suspicions and rivalries. There's plenty of whisky, of course, and possibly a werewolf.
  4. Mislaid, by Nell Zink
    The chaotic, farcical story of a mismatched marriage — she likes women, he likes men — that results in a couple of kids before finally foundering, at which point the wife takes their toddler daughter and goes into hiding at an African-American commune (though both are white). So: the usual.
  5. The Rocks, by Peter Nichols
    Set in Mallorca, the story of a passionate but tragic marriage and its consequences over six decades, told in reverse chronological order.
  6. The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi
    Sorry, @gcowles I know this makes six. Stunning, gritty speculative fiction set in the post apocalyptic South West. POC protagonists, intricate plotting, genre-bending. @Tim_OConnell
    Suggested by @maddiecalls