1. Are Trump's negativity ratings hurting his brand value (and therefore his net worth)?
    Related: How do residents of Trump buildings feel about his campaign?
  2. The transgender fight for acceptance within the LGBT community
    Discrimination doesn't come only from Southern conservatives. For example: In 2007, Charlie Jane Anders protested a lesbian club in San Francisco that barred pre-op transwomen as members, in a fight that presaged some of the issues surrounding North Carolina's bathroom law.
  3. Gay writers/singers/etc who decide to make event appearances in North Carolina
    Speaking of the bathroom law: What factors compel LGBT performers and their allies to keep NC event dates? Authors who have done so (or indicated they will) include Garth Greenwell and Max-Arthur Mantle.
  4. Could Heidi Cruz, as a Goldman executive, release Hillary Clinton's speech transcripts?
    Not sure this is a whole article, really. But I'm curious.
  5. Something about men's sunglasses so I know what style I should buy
    This one is a trend piece, obviously.