And what I've written about them for my column, Inside the List.
  1. @bjnovak "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories"
    I wrote about how he polished the jokes in this collection by performing them as standup. To date, I have not written about his even better-selling kids' book, "The Book With No Pictures," which seems to have a permanent lease atop the picture books list despite, yes, having no pictures.
  2. @lenadunham "Not That Kind of Girl"
    I wrote about "Randy," her Jewish gynecologist who used to pitch for the Mets. This item apparently set off a heated but futile guessing game among the paper's Mets fans about who this could be. Insights welcomed. Strictly off the record, of course.
  3. @mindy "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)"
    I quoted the passage about how she used reading as an excuse to get out of chores when she was younger. My 76-year-old father loved this bit. "Funny lady!" he said.
  4. @BretEastonEllis "Less Than Zero"
    Also "American Psycho" and "Lunar Park." These best sellers predate my column, but I have written about Bret — in fact, the same week I wrote about Mindy. Joan Didion's memoir "Blue Nights" was on the list, and I wrote about Bret hanging out with her daughter at Bennington. The campus drug dealer was under the impression her mother was Joan Rivers.
  5. @Ayelet "Bad Mother"
    This also predates my column. But in 2012 I did write about Ayelet's husband, Michael Chabon, and how he'd originally conceived of his novel "Telegraph Avenue" as a TV pilot.
  6. @molliekatzen "The Heart of the Plate"
    This one hit our dining-specific list in 2013. I didn't write about it, but in a profile of Mollie that ran that summer, we noted that the "Moosewood Cookbook" was "perhaps the best-selling vegetarian cookbook of all time."
  7. Honorable mention: @helytimes
    Steve's book, "How I Became a Famous Novelist," didn't hit the list — but it did *mock* the list, beautifully. I wrote about it for the Book Review's blog, and included a PDF of the fake list he had come up with.
  8. Anybody else? Please add!