We have a no-repeat policy: An author, we figure, is entitled to a new reviewer with every book. But that gets tricky when the author's output exceeds the English-speaking population. Here now, a partial list of JCO reviewers dating back to 1993.
  1. John Crowley
  2. Michael Upchurch
  3. James Carroll
    "What I Lived For"
  4. Marilyn Stasio
    "You Can't Catch Me"
  5. Steven Marcus
  6. Kathryn Harrison
    "Will You Always Love Me?"
  7. David Gates
    "First Love" and "We Are the Mulvaneys"
  8. A.O. Scott
    "Man Crazy"
  9. Sarah Kerr
    "My Heart Laid Bare"
  10. Margot Livesey
    "The Collector of Hearts." Apparently JCO was in the "heart" period of her career.
  11. Michael Pye
    "Star Bright Will Be With You Soon"
  12. D.T. Max
    "Broke Heart Blues." Again with the hearts.
  13. Laura Miller
  14. Colin Harrison (Kathryn's husband!)
  15. Claire Dederer
    "Middle Age"
  16. Jennifer Egan
    "I'll Take You There"
  17. Sophie Harrison (no relation: we were just exhausting the Harrisons)
    "The Tattooed Girl"
  18. Terrence Rafferty
    "The Falls"
  19. A.O. Scott (A rare repeat engagement. I assume the editors were waiting for the earth to repopulate.)
  20. Stacey D'Erasmo
    "Missing Mom"
  21. Hillary Frey
    "The Female of the Species"
  22. Cathleen Schine
    "High Lonesome"
  23. Elissa Schapell
    "Black Girl/White Girl"
  24. Lee Siegel
    "The Gravedigger's Daughter"
  25. James Campbell
    "The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates"
  26. Brenda Wineapple
    "Wild Nights"
  27. Sarah Churchwell
    "My Sister, My Love"
  28. Christopher Benfey
    "Dear Husband"
  29. Malena Watrous
    "Little Bird of Heaven"
  30. Louisa Thomas
    "In Rough Country"
  31. Julie Myserson
  32. Andrea Thompson
    "Give Me Your Heart." The heart period: a reprise.
  33. Ann Hulbert
    "A Widow's Story"
  34. Maria Russo
  35. Randy Boyagoda
    "Black Dahlia and White Rose"
  36. Stephen King
    "The Accursed"
  37. Liesl Schillinger
  38. Charles Finch
    "Lovely, Dark, Deep"
  39. Roxane Gay
    "The Sacrifice"