1. There's a fine line between the erotic and the sclerotic.
  2. He's got nothing to say, and he takes a long time to say it.
  3. The disappointment of realizing you have become the learn'd astronomer.
  4. I wonder if FedEx has ever hired an ex-fed.
  5. "He's so fake." "Who isn't? The trick is to do it well."
    The masks we choose still reveal something fundamental about our authentic selves.
  6. The approach to Grand Central like an airplane's final descent, passengers suddenly stirring and restless, jockeying for position.
  7. We don't want the fantasy — or rather we do want it, we cherish the fantasy, but we don't want it to become manifest; in a healthy relationship, we value our partner in part as a stand-in for the fantasy, who lets us maintain our realm of imagination and play.
  8. He seems to have picked up his theology from the Pixies.
  9. What gets lost in the discussion of highbrow versus middlebrow is the fact that it's not about art in and of itself, but about the relationship between art and its audience — not the work but its reception.
  10. This is the difference between emotions and emojis.