I grew up in South Salem, NY, where Robert Durst's first wife went missing. A year later, my oldest brother did some odd jobs for him.
  1. They never met. Bob hired him and gave all of his marching orders by phone, then mailed his pay.
  2. Randy installed a new mailbox for him and cleaned out a shed, along with yard cleanup and basic spring cleaning.
  3. Since Kathy was already missing, Randy came home making lots of macabre jokes about wood chippers and blood-stained rugs and haunted rooms.
  4. But he never actually came across anything suspicious.
  5. He did bring home a light blue wool blanket that seemed too nice to get rid of. My mom held onto it for a few years before she decided it was creepy and gave it back to him. Randy still has it.
  6. He hasn't watched "The Jinx." But he's read the articles, and he can't believe Bob agreed to wear a wire.
  7. He often wonders, in retrospect, if he unknowingly helped get rid of any evidence.